Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Book: Auditing and Improving Business Performance

New Book: Auditing and Improving Business Performance


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This book provides you, the business owner, board member, company director, senior manager, auditor, other stakeholder, etc., with a useful set of practical tools to assist and support you in reviewing and improving the performance of your small, medium-size or large company.

It contains:

1. A general business model of five dimensions: ‘C1’ for customers, ‘P1’ for people, ‘P2’ for property, ‘P3’ for production and ‘P4’ for performance.

2. Description of several performance-related aspects, such as: Measurement Culture, Vision, Mission and Strategy, Policies and Procedures, Management Support and Commitment, Performance Measurement and Management System, etc.

3. Eight business performance audit questionnaires with 100 questions for items described in 2 above.

4. Over forty performance measures for the functions of: Finance, Sales, Production Output, Management and IT.

5. An evaluation approach with a scoring scheme on the basis of the audit replies collected in 3 above.

6. Five business performance improvement recommendations.

7. Guidelines and control processes to consider in implementing the suggested improvement recommendations.




Thank you,

John Kyriazoglou, CICA, B.A (Hon-University of Toronto),

Business Thinker, Consultant and Author of several books

Editor-in-Chief for the Internal Controls Magazine (U.S.A.)