Monday, August 26, 2013

Free E-BOOK: How To Improve Your Production


By John Kyriazoglou


This book (in 2 parts) contains a wealth of general information on production systems, methods, policies, procedures, controls and management tools and offers several practical recommendations you may consider and use to improve your production operation.


Part 1 of this book, in summary, describes the main types of production controls, such as:

1. Production Policies and Procedures,

2. Production Management Duties and Responsibilities,

3. Manufacturing Process Controls,

4. Quality Management Controls, 

5. Standardization Procedures,

6. Production Performance Management Controls, and

7. Production Performance Measures for several areas (innovation, inventory control, manufacturing, production cost, etc.).

Title of Book: ‘How to Improve Your Production: Part I’

Part 2 of this book, presents additional items that facilitate, complement and support Part 1, such as:

1. Detail examples of various policies and procedures on purchasing, quality, health and safety, etc.

2. The steps of a methodology for establishing the production function and production policies and procedures.

3. Several audit programs and checklists.

Title of Book: ‘How to Improve Your Production: Part II’