Friday, December 23, 2011

Strategy for Handling Difficult People

The following strategy for handling difficult situations, people and projects, has worked in several cases:
1. Take a short walk outside of the location where the conflict has taken place.
2. Make silence your useful tool.
3. Use silence to envision happiness and success.
4. Breathe slowly and get rid of all your negative thoughts.
5. Allow only pleasant, happy and harmonious thoughts to fill your mind.
6. Think out a solution as regards the difficlult person and situation.
7. Work out a mutually-agreeed solution with the person(s) involved.

*Author’s Credentials

John Kyriazoglou, CICA, M.S.,B.A(Hon), is an International IT and Management Consultant, author of the book ‘IT STRATEGIC & OPERATIONAL CONTROLS’ (published in 2010 by, and co-author of the book CORPORATE CONTROLS’ ( to be published in 2/2012 by, with Dr. F. Nasuti and Dr. C. Kyriazoglou.


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