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Seven rules for building and managing an effective team building

Seven rules for building and managing an effective team building

By John Kyriazoglou*

The following seven ‘rules’ may be customized and used by any manager in setting up and managing an effective team to achieve a set of specific goals in an organizational (private and public) environment .

Rule 1. Scope the problem: Identify and document specifications, needs, expectations, demands and resources.

Rule 2. Organize the team: Assign project manager or team manager. Develop terms of reference. Define the team and the roles within the team. Assign specific responsibilities. Develop and issue project schedule and reporting mechanisms. 

Rule 3. Link team to strategy: Set clear vision, mission, values and targets for the project and its expectations. Inform team members of the desired outcomes and measures of success. Invite each member to be a part of the team and communicate the goals and why they are selected.

Rule 4. Enable team culture: Build commitment and trust by valuing the contribution of each member of the team. Build empathy for each person’s challenges. Ensure the competence of the whole team, as well as each member. Empower the team by allowing the members to work within the guidelines with each other to accomplish the goals. Resolve conflicts.

Rule 5. Establish communications: Craft and implement communication policy and associated procedures. Ensure clarity and accountability for all types of communications. Ensure that the team shares information and develops an open mind.

Rule 6. Monitor activities: Establish regular monitoring. Review progress. Identify issues, and resolve problems. Close the project when all project activities have been concluded successfully.

Rule 7. Manage performance: Develop performance policy for team members. Link this policy with corresponding corporate performance system. Award team members when performance targets are met. Manage performance issues.

*Author’s Credentials

John Kyriazoglou, CICA, M.S.,B.A(Hon), is an International IT and Management Consultant, author of the book ‘IT STRATEGIC & OPERATIONAL CONTROLS’ (published in 2010 by www.itgovernance.co.uk), and co-author of the book CORPORATE CONTROLS’ ( to be published in 2/2012 by www.theiic.org), with Dr. F. Nasuti and Dr. C. Kyriazoglou.

Blog: http://businessmanagementcontrols.blogspot.com/

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