Thursday, March 8, 2012


Announcement of New Book
I am glad to announce my new book 'Corporate Strategic and Operational Controls', as described, in summary, next.
This book is about corporate controls (such as frameworks, terms of reference (charters), methodologies, management plans, policies, procedures, forms, performance measures, and audit programs and checklists) and how these controls: (a) enable, facilitate and support board members, management and staff to drive, control, manage and evaluate the organization’s social and economic performance, and (b) allow the organization’s stakeholders to monitor and assess the specific organization and both its outcomes and results. The book is structured in three parts and an appendix.

The first part (two chapters) identifies the basic concepts of controls and defines the control framework within which all organizations must operate.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Management, Regulations and Controls  

Chapter 2: Proposed Organizational Controls Framework

The second part (eight chapters) identifies the main organizational controls and defines the specific corporate control elements (policies, structures, procedures, measures, etc.) which could be utilized and improved by all organizations.

Chapter 3: Corporate Philosophy Controls, Chapter 4: Corporate Governance Controls

Chapter 5: Strategic Management Controls, Chapter 6: Financial Controls, Chapter 7: Administrative Controls, Chapter 8: Human Resource Controls, Chapter 9: Production Controls, Chapter 10: Information Technology (IT) Controls

The third part (three chapters) describes the elements required to design, implement and monitor strategic and operational control systems more efficiently and effectively.

Chapter 11: Designing Strategic and Operational Controls

Chapter 12: Implementing Strategic and Operational Controls with the BSC

Chapter 13: Monitoring and Review Controls.

The appendix contains various codes, examples of BSC implementations, strategic tools, a glossary and an extended bibliography.

The book also contains descriptions (examples) of: five performance  frameworks, ten terms of reference (charters) of corporate departments, nine methodologies, eleven management plans, twenty-three policies, eight procedures, five forms, over 140 performance  measures, and forty audit programs and checklists.

AUTHORS: John Kyriazoglou and Frank Nasuti, Ph.D.

                       with contribution by Christos Kyriazoglou, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-0-557-77254-4

Publisher: The Institute for Internal Controls (U.S.A.)-Spring, 2012.


John Kyriazoglou (

John Kyriazoglou, CICA, B.A(Hon-University of Toronto), is an International IT and Management Consultant, author of the book ‘IT STRATEGIC & OPERATIONAL CONTROLS’ (published in 2010 by

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