Monday, January 14, 2013

Free Business Controls Toolkit-Demo

Free Business Management Toolkit-Demo

Please note that a free downloadable Business Management Controls Toolkit demo is now available for immediate download. It contains around 10% of the full toolkit (see description below), giving you sample documentation demonstrating the style and content of the full toolkit.

Toolkit: Business Management Controls Toolkit

This Business Management Controls Toolkit provides you with the performance measures and compliance indicators, the checklists and questionnaires, documents, plans, policies … extensive documentation that, tailored to your organization, will prove to be invaluable to your existing practices. This toolkit will demonstrate its unique design to structure and shape the business control practices in your organization. Included in this toolkit are: Checklists and Questionnaires; Documents; Management Plans; Policies; Procedures, etc.

Compliance Controls Framework

Corporate Fraud Management Systems Audit Program Ethics Management Checklist Financial Management Systems Checklist Internal Audit Function Checklist Soft Controls Evaluation Checklist Regards,

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