Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cyber Threat Security Mechanisms

By John Kyriazoglou

The following methods and techniques may be utilized for the analysis, design, implementation, assessment and evaluation of the cyber threat strategy and measures required to protect any type of organization.

1. Corporate Physical security: Guards, dogs, locks, cameras, video surveillance, etc.

2. Corporate administrative procedures: corporate governance policies and procedures like ethics program, risk management approach and procedure, personnel review and due diligence, segregation of duties, business data management files and data procedures, etc.

3. IT policies and procedures: passwords, access controls, hardware security, data validation rules within application software, back up procedures, offsite data retention capabilities, etc.

4. Corporate recovery mechanisms: business continuity policy, IT recovery process, backup procedures, offsite storage and testing procedures, etc.

5. Security trapping mechanisms: honey net and other trapping facilities, special security trapping and diversion tools and techniques, etc.

6. Business intelligence function.

7. Corporate anti-espionage techniques.

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