Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Business Management Controls Books 

The following new Business Management Controls book and toolkit will help you to improve your business control practices and show you how to better create, implement and assess your own business controls. They will also show you how to develop more streamlined and successful working practices, and how to enable, facilitate and protect your business operations in a more effective way.



More details of these follow.

1. Book: Business Management Controls: A Guide

This book describes the various types of controls in all core business functions and outlines several frameworks (including BSC) for designing and implementing those controls.

Part A describes the internal controls environment and the establishment of its major components.
Part B outlines the main types of strategic and operational controls, including financial, sales, production, IT governance, data management, business intelligence and corporate espionage.
Parts C looks at implementing these controls, and also discusses the role and approach of managers in protecting their company against various threats, while at the same time allowing it to achieve its core objectives.
Part D includes some illustrative case studies and suggests some additional areas where controls may enhance business operations, including business and IT continuity.

A selection of illustrative case studies, together with some key recommendations throughout the book, offer the reader further help and guidance on applying these controls within their own business, regardless of its size.


2. Toolkit: Business Management Controls Toolkit

This Business Management Controls Toolkit provides you with the performance measures and compliance indicators, the checklists and questionnaires, documents, plans, policies … extensive documentation that, tailored to your organisation, will prove to be invaluable to your existing practices. This toolkit will demonstrate its unique design to structure and shape the business control practices in your organisation. Included in this toolkit are: Checklists and Questionnaires; Documents; Management Plans; Policies; Procedures, etc.
3. Business Records Management Checklist

Compliance Controls Framework

Corporate Fraud Management Systems Audit Program

Corporate Policies and Procedures Checklist

Ethics Management Checklist

Financial Management Systems Checklist


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